Paint shop pro x5 text effects

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LiB, text Effects, in Chapter 7, "Paint Shop Pro 8 Effects you bachpan looked at a few effects you can add to text.
Click in the book image canvas where you want your text to appear, set Stroke width (pixels) to 1, and enter your text, as shown in Figure.6.With your text selection jungle active, choose S elections E dit Selection.Partially fill in the cracks with Dilate.What's new baseball in version X5: Enhanced: Manage, adjust and edit modes Create stunning photos explore with powerful image-enhancing shop tools book and use the streamlined Manage, Adjust and Edit buzzy modes for a more intuitive knowledge photo-editing experience Enhanced: High Dynamic Range (HDR) tools Create stunning photos with intense visual.In the Materials palette, set Foreground/Stroke to a medium grey and set Background/Fill to a light grey.Advertising advertising, thank games you for your participation!Apply old school color and contrast to your photos to achieve a distinctive look book inspired by early lo-fi factory cameras.A second motion blur.If you like, lets add a drop shadow, as I did in the example.Add a new raster layer by clicking the New Raster Layer button in the Layer palette.Set Angle rune to 270 and Strength to 100. Choose the Text tool and select Floating in the Tool Options palette.
Deselect the text selection with CtrlD.

Adding a dark shadow outside the text.
Enhanced gradient tools allow you to make quick and easy adjustments - paint shop pro x5 text effects for example, darken or tint the sky a particular color without affecting the rest of the photo.